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Message from the Chair of the Board of Governors                                       

The aim of the Board of Governors at our school is to work with the staff in helping the children achieve their full potential in a happy, caring environment.


We do this in four main ways:

  • Monitoring the performance and progress of our children;
  • Working with the staff to help them teach and care for our children;
  • Deciding on how the resources of the school are best used;
  • Planning ahead so that the performance of our children and our school continues to improve.


To deliver this effectively, the Governing Board members are representative of all the key groups involved in our school – the parents, the staff, the Local Authority and the church community. All of these people have the best interests of the school at heart and give a great deal of time in support of St. Mary's School.


We meet together at least once a term as a whole team, and sub committees (such as our Outcomes Committee and Resources Committee) meet regularly. In addition we each have a specialist area that we take particular interest in (eg. Maths, English, Science and Special Needs), and we are linked with individual year groups to track their progress as they grow and develop through the school.


We are always keen to hear your views and I hope that we can work together to ensure that St. Mary's continues to develop "from Good to Outstanding" over the next few years.


​If anyone in interested in becoming a school Governor, information can be found on the Birmingham Diocesan Schools Commission and Sandwell Local Authority websites.


Mr P Piddock
Chair of the Board of Governors

Terms of Reference for Governing Board meetings

Meet the Governors

Meet the Governors 1 Mr P Piddock (Chair - Foundation Governor)
Meet the Governors 2 Mr M Moran (Vice Chair - Foundation Governor)
Meet the Governors 3 Mr N Bartram (Foundation Governor)
Meet the Governors 4 Mr D Cooper (Foundation Governor)
Meet the Governors 5 Mrs J Dalloway (Foundation Governor)
Meet the Governors 6 Fr P Lester (Foundation Governor)
Meet the Governors 7 Mrs R Moran (Parent Governor)
Meet the Governors 8 Mr G Linford (Head Teacher - Governor)
Meet the Governors 9 Mrs A Pritchard (Elected Staff Governor)
Meet the Governors 10 Ms D Rutherford (LA Governor)
Meet the Governors 11 Mrs J Hodgetts (Clerk to the Governing Body)

Sub Committees of the Board of Governors


Outcomes Committee Resources Committee Strategic Committee

Mr M Moran (Chair of Committee)

Mrs T Mullins (Vice Chair of Committee)

Mr N Bartram

Mr D Cooper

Mrs J Dalloway

Mrs R Moran

Mr P Piddock

Mrs A Pritchard

Mr P Tomkins

Mr G Linford (HT)

Mrs N Wilson (Chair of Committee)

Mr P Piddock (Vice Chair of Committee)

Mrs J Dalloway

Mr M Moran

Mrs R Moran

Ms D Rutherford

Mr G Linford (HT)



Mr P Piddock (Chair)

Mr M Moran (Vice Chair)

Mrs J Dalloway

Mrs T Mullins

Mrs N Wilson

Mr G Linford (HT)



Special Responsibility Governors


Special Responsibility held Name of Governor

Safeguarding/Child Protection Governor

Mr P Piddock

Special Educational Need & Disability (SEND) Governor

Ms D Rutherford/ Mrs R Moran

Health & Safety Governor

Mrs N Wilson/ Mrs J Dalloway

Safer Recruitment Governor

Mrs N Wilson, Mrs J Dalloway

Mr G Linford, Mr P Piddock

Religious Education

Mrs T Mullins/ Mr P Piddock


Mr N Bartram/ Mr D Cooper/
Mrs J Dalloway


Mr M Moran/ Mrs N Wilson

Science & Computing

Mr P Tomkins/ Mr P Piddock

Pupil Premium

Mr M Moran


Mr P Piddock/ Mrs J Dalloway

Mr M Moran (Pupil Premium)

Ms D Rutherford (SEND)

Foundation Stage (Reception & Nursery)

Mr P Piddock

Year 1

Mrs J Dalloway

Year 2

Ms D Rutherford

Year 3

Mrs T Mullins

Year 4

Mrs N Wilson

Year 5

Mr D Cooper

Year 6

Mr P Tomkins                               


Summary of Governing Board membership


Governor name Type Chair (Ch) or Vice Chair (VC) Committee Chair Outcomes Committee member Resources Committee member Strategic Committee member Connections to Staff (Yes or No) If Yes, who & how Term of Office End Date Other School Governor posts held Business interests declared (Yes/No)
Nick Bartram FOU     YES       29.07.19   NO
Dominic Cooper FOU             07.12.19   NO
Jane Dalloway FOU     YES YES YES   15.09.20   NO
Michael Moran FOU VC Outcomes YES YES YES   09.09.18   NO
Teresa Mullins FOU     YES   YES   25.10.18   NO
Paul Piddock FOU Ch Strategic YES YES YES   31.08.18 Stuart Bathurst (Vice Chair) & Holy Trinity Primary School, West Bromwich YES - SMBC Property Care
Nicola Wilson FOU   Resources   YES YES   31.08.18   NO
Dawn Rutherford LA       YES     09.10.18   NO
Ria Moran PAR     YES YES  



18.07.21   NO
Patrick Tomkins PAR     YES       15.12.18   NO
Amy Pritchard STA     YES       30.09.19   NO
Gary Linford STA     YES YES YES   N/A   NO

FOU - Foundation Governor appointed by the Diocese

LA - Local Authority appointed

PAR - Parent Governor

STA - Staff Governor

COP - Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body

Attendance at Governing Board meetings 2017/18


2017-18 Type Meetings called Meetings attended % Attendance
Nick Bartram FOU 8 7 88
Dominic Cooper FOU 8 5 63
Jane Dalloway FOU 13 12 92
Michael Moran FOU 13 13 100
Teresa Mullins FOU 8 3 38
Paul Piddock FOU 13 13 100
Nicola Wilson FOU 10 7 70
Dawn Rutherford LA 8 7 88
Ria Moran PAR 9 8 89
Patrick Tomkins PAR 8 2 25
Amy Pritchard STA 8 7 88
Gary Linford STA-HT 13 13 100


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  • Year 6 96.7%
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