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Pokemon GO!

Pokémon Go

What is it: A mobile phone App that is a game based on your real life location to catch virtual creatures.


Fast Points:

  • Pokemon Go is a fast growing popular game that lots of children across the country and even world play.
  • It's FREE to download.
  • However, it does have 'In-App Purchases' to spend money (£) on virtual coins.
  • You have to be 13 or over to download the app, according to the app’s terms and conditions.
  • It can encourage exercise and children talking to other players.
  • Uses a fair amount of phone battery and data.


Pokemon Go is not something that should come into or interfere with the children at school. However, we all have a responsibility to children's online safety. Please click the guide below for more information!


Pokémon Go – a parent's guide


Hoping this helps!

Stay smart!


Mr. Southall

Online Safety Lead



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