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Please keep an eye on this new page to check out who the "Star of the Week" in each class is, and the reason why they have stood out from their classmates.....


Week ending: 8th December 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Katie

for becoming so much more confident in her learning
and speaking with others.

Y1 Harry

for his improved effort in all areas of learning.  Keep it up!

Y2 Ali for using English more when in school, making links when writing
and using his Maths knowledge to solve problems.
Y3 Logan

for great effort in improving his handwriting.

Y4 Logan S

for working so well in English with a partner and for
having such creative ideas.

Y5 Mia

for being extremely helpful - both during and outside of lessons. 

Y6 Arjun

for being runners-up in the Wednesbury Learning Community
Trust English Quiz for 2017.  Well done to all of the team -
we are very proud of you all!


Week ending: 1st December 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Harley-Joe

for having a brilliant attitude to his learning. 
You are becoming so confident in speaking to everyone.

Y1 Bailey

for his improved effort in all areas of his learning.  Keep it up!

Y2 Aimee for her excellent use of place value knowledge when
adding and subtracting.
Y3 Lily

for her excellent  Maths work this week.

Y4 Elyse

for becoming more engaged in her learning and for
sharing her interests so confidently.

Y5 Summer-Rae

for taking on, with enthusiasm, any task that is
asked of her throughout the curriculum. 

Y6 Holly

for sharing great ideas and work throughout our English journey.


Week ending: 24th November 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Esther

for being a Writing superstar - you are unstoppable!

Y1 Isaac

for being a fantastic helper during Year 1's assembly practice.

Y2 Callum for using his place value knowledge to add and subtract.
Y3 Nathan

for being always ready to learn.

Y4 Rhys

for being much more engaged in his work and for
writing thoughtful responses in English and Reading skills!

Y5 Izabelle

for always having a positive attitude, both inside and outside the classroom with all adults, peers and other children. 

Y6 Aysha

for making an amazing effort in all lessons .


Week ending: 17th November 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Meadow

for being a perfect pupil. You are kind,

helpful and hardworking -  a superstar!

Y1 Jenson W

for his improved engagement and participation
during Phonics lessons.

Y2 Noah for a fantastic attitude towards his work in every lesson!  Well done.
Y3 Haydn

for his enthusiasm and hard work in Maths this week.

Y4 Ayesha

for working really hard and pushing herself to do well.
She is a superstar speller and writer!

Y5 Frankie

for always listening carefully and
acting upon advice to improve her work. 

Y6 Amaan

for his great acting skills and supportive attitude to all in class.


Week ending: 10th November 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Seb for amazing phonics and writing this week - you are unstoppable!
Y1 Aleksander

for his improved effort and engagement in all areas of learning.

Y2 Joseph for not giving up when his Maths work is challenging.
Y3 Charlie

for fabulous ideas in English.

Y4 Shayan

for engaged learning and progress in English and Maths.

Y5 Hannah

can always be relied upon to do her best in her work. 

Y6 Olivia McG

for an amazing Dragonology non-chronological
report using a range of Year 6 features.


Week ending: 3rd November 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Szymon for working really hard to make a model vehicle.
Y1 Neve

for always trying her best.

Y2 Ellie for thoughtful questions in all subjects, especially Religion.
Y3 Harley

for excellent participation in learning this week.

Y4 Lewis

for real engagement in his learning and for being helpful.

Y5 Lily-Mae

for working hard in Mathematics and achieving

good results with multiples.

Y6 Brodie

for developing independence in Reading.


Week ending: 20th October 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR James for his wonderful knowledge - especially regarding dinosaurs!
Y1 Daniel

for improved effort and behaviour.

Y2 Lilly-Mai for excellent progress in Reading.
Y3 Faith

for excellent work in Mathematics.

Y4 Jasmine

for being a good role model and a great learner.

Y5 Chloe for always being on hand to assist others in need.
Y6 Whole class

for their wonderful mature approach in the WWII Tea Party!


Week ending: 13th October 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Harry D  
Y1 Kiera

for always trying her best.

Y2 Jakub for wonderful work in Mathematics.
Y3 Ella

for fabulous work in Physical Education.

Y4 Aleksandra

for a super focus on learning and being a great role model.

Y5 Jack for excellent research skills for our Science topic.
Y6 Arjun

for writing an excellent creative narrative text.


Week ending: 6th October 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Harry R for being a shining example to all of his classmates. 
You know our classroom rules and work hard!  Brilliant!
Y1 Caleb

for his fantastic effort during Phonics lessons.

Y2 Jack for applying his skills learnt in Phonics and spelling when writing. 
Y3 Ella

for excellent work in P.E. and being a super-star with her press ups!

Y4 Luke

for answering and asking so many great questions and for
real motivation to work in Maths.

Y5 Alissia for always having a go and willingly answer
questions and queries with a smile.
Y6 Billy & Ellie W

for making great progress with their writing.


Week ending: 29th September 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Aoife

for "wowing" us with her writing.

You are trying so hard to write SO MANY words.  Amazing!

Y1 Julia

for writing a fantastic start to her story.

Y2 Sri Verni for being an excellent role model within class and lessons.
Y3 Blessing 

for effort with his work and behaviour this week.

Y4 Chloe

for showing such a motivation to learn in class and at home. 

The links she makes with her learning have really helped her to progress.

Y5 Morgan for always trying hard and giving her best in all that she does.
Y6 Grace

for writing an amazing re-telling of the story of

Queen Esther from another point of view. 


Week ending: 22nd September 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
YR Ryan

for "WOWING" us with your phonics this week -

you are off to a flying start!

Y1 Eboni

for trying so hard all week in English - making fantastic contributions to class discussions and producing a brilliant piece of writing.

Y2 Lilly-Mai for her excellent reasoning skills in Maths lessons.
Y3 Adom

for being an excellent example of behaviour.

Y4 Yusairah

for being so attentive and engaged in her learning and

for being a complete joy to be around.

Y5 Sam for most improved effort put into his writing - well done!
Y6 Olivia M

for an amazing piece of Learning Project work

portraying life in the trenches.


Week ending: 15th September 2017

Class Pupil Reason why they are "Stars of the Week"
Year R Olly

for being kind, calm, listening to instructions well

and being "Good to be Green"

Year 1 Priya

for always listening to instructions and following them -

a fantastic role model!

Year 2 Karis

for "shining" during our Maths lessons on

Place Value and Number.

Year 3 Kian

for being kind and helpful, attentive and

well behaved all week!

Year 4 Rory

for being focused in lessons and for showing

great motivation to learn - he was a joy!

Year 5 Mason

for overcoming nerves and settling into

our class so well - well done!

Year 6 Olivia J

for being a good role model for Year 6!










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