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This term the younger Badgers are learning to be 'Healthy' Badgers and have been looking at personal hygiene and what makes us happy.

The Older Badgers are looking at 'My World' and are thinking about their local area and the facilities that are available.  They are also thinking about Family and friends and have created their own family tree.


Both groups will be thinking about emergency services and we are going to have an ambulance arriving at the Sett for the Badgers to investigate.


We were very sad to see Jodie leaving us this half term.  Jodie has been a leader with the Sett since it started nearly 3 years ago.  We wish Jodie all the best for her future.


This term the Badgers have split up into two groups.


KS1 children are doing 'Creative' badge.  They have made jigsaws, puppets, cards and this week they have made a design on a t-shirt.  They have shared their hobbies outside of school and Badgers as well as playing games.


KS2 children have been working towards their 'Global' Badge.  They have planned their dream holiday, made a passport, tickets and a  postcards. They have thought about the clothes they will need, the currency of the Country and looked at the time difference.


As you can see they are all working really hard towards their next certificates.


At St Mary's we are very lucky to have an after school club that is run by St John Ambulance.  The leaders are trained by St John and follow the Badger curriculum.  Miss Hadley leads the Sett and is assisted by Jodie, Natasha and Sarah.


We cover many different topics such as First Aid, Caring for the young the old and ourselves, being Creative, looking for Adventure and Entertaining people. There are 15 topics overall.


St John Badgers is open to children aged 5 - 10.  We meet after school every week in the hall, and take part in many fun and educational activities.  We wear the St John Ambulance uniform whilst we earn badges and certificates. We are working towards being a Super Badger.  This is a popular after school activity and it has a waiting list.  If you are interested please speak to Miss Hadley.

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