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Meet the Team

Name Role/Responsibilities
Mr. G. Linford Head Teacher
Mrs. A. Pritchard Assistant Head Teacher - Nursery (afternoons)
Ms. M. Logan Inclusion Manager - Year 4 Teacher
Mr. J. Southall English/Teaching & Learning Lead - Year 2 Teacher
Miss C. Heaton Year 6 Teacher
Miss G. Darling Year 5 Teacher
Mrs. R. Haywood Mathematics Lead - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs. J. Boyce Year 3 Teacher
Miss D. Kennedy Year 1 Teacher
Miss C. Powell Reception Teacher
Mrs. L. Curtiss Nursery Teacher (mornings)
Mrs M. Garcia Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Miss A. Lloyd Music Teacher (Whole Class - Tuesday afternoons)
Mrs. R. Lock Music Teacher (Brass Peripatetic Teacher - Fridays)
Mrs. S. Bissell Learning Support Assistant (1:1 support) & School Meals Supervisor
Mrs. R. Bray Learning Support Practitioner (1:1 support) and Nurture Lead
Mrs. S. Burns Learning Support Practitioner (Reception & 1:1 support) and Nurture
Miss M. Carless Learning Support Assistant (1:1 support)
Miss N. Clair Learning Support Practitioner (Year 2)
Mrs. L. Dee Learning Support Practitioner (Year 1)
Miss L. Hadley Learning Support Practitioner (Nursery & Reception) and Forest School Lead
Mrs. N. McCabe Learning Support Assistant (1:1 support)
Mrs. W. Payne Learning Support Practitioner (Years 5 & 6)
Mrs. D. Rowe Learning Support Assistant (1:1 support)
Miss L. Thomson Learning Support Assistant (Nursery) & School Meals Supervisor
Mrs. M. Vincent Learning Support Practitioner (EAL/Speech & Language) & Art Specialist
Mrs. N. Watson Learning Support Practitioner (Years 3 & 4)
Mr. J. Welch Learning Support Practitioner (Reception & 1:1 support)
Mrs. J. Armstrong Senior Administration Officer
Mrs. E. Bishop Administration Assistant
Mr. V. Jakeways Site Manager
Mrs. D. Harris Cleaner
Mrs. K. Young Cleaner
Mrs. R. Handley School Meals Supervisor
Mrs. A. Truong School Meals Supervisor
Mrs. T. Turney School Meals Supervisor
Mrs. S. Whiting School Meals Supervisor


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  • St. Mary's
  • Catholic Primary School
  • Nursery 93.6%
  • Reception 92.8%
  • Year 1 97.0%
  • Year 2 97.6%
  • Year 3 97.5%
  • Year 4 96.8%
  • Year 5 96.5%
  • Year 6 97.1%
House Points
  • Saint Anne
  • Saint Bernadette
  • Saint Gabriel
  • Saint Joseph