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Miss Sahni & Miss Payne

Y1's visit to the Black Country Museum 11.12.14

'Up and away in Y1' - we believe in striving to achieve the best, be the best and try our best every single day. This is one of our most important class rules. We know that at times Y1 can be tough, but everyday is full of fun and happiness and we always try our very best.


These are our class rules in Y1:


1. Kind hands, kind feet and kind mouths.

2. No running or shouting in the classroom.

3. Keep tidy, smart and clean all day.

4. Try your very best everyday.

5. If we break these rules, we miss golden time on Fridays.


Maths Makes Sense

This term, we focus on basic addition and subtraction. When your child completes addition and subtraction stories at home, you may hear the following phrases:


"Get ready to get some more" - this is for addition!

"Get ready to take away" - this is for subtraction!

"Now look at the maths table and count" - this is for 'equals'.


A Maths Make Sense workshop will be taking place soon, please look out for dates on the newsletter! Attendance at the workshop is key!


Get ready to get some more! Get ready to take away!Look at the maths table and count!


We have now started to complete simple multiplication calculations (2x table) and simple division calculations (dividing by 2).



We are focussing on poetry and non-fiction writing this term, we welcome and encourage plenty of varied reading, for example newspapers and information texts! Feel free to send in pictures of your child reading non-fiction texts for our 'i-read' display (designed to inspire passion for reading!)


The key objectives we will focus on this term are:

· Sit and hold a pencil correctly.

· Form capital letters.

· Begin cursive letters not joining until summer term.

·  Form ascenders and descenders correctly, e.g. ‘y’, ‘g’.

· Leave finger spaces between words.

· Join words using connectives such as ‘and’ or ‘because’.

· Use capital letters correctly, e.g. for I, names of people and places, days of the week and months of the year.

· Use full stops correctly, at the end of sentences not at the end of lines.

· Name and write all letters of the alphabet.

· Say out loud the sentence they are about to write.

· Re-read what they have written, checking it makes sense.





Physical Education


Outdoor PE now takes place on a Tuesday afternoon and indoor P.E takes place on a Friday afternoon! We will be focussing on learning the rules of simple basketball with Mr Lawley and Miss Sahni.



We are thankful for the world God created for us and the wonderful school grounds he gave us at St Marys. We had a walk around the grounds one afternoon, discussing all the beautiful things we are thankful for.




This term Y1 are learning how to use 'bee-bot' to complete simple coding on the I-pads! These are some of the key skills we will be focussing on:

1. Opening up a new app

2. Responding to instructions

3. Entering codes to get to a certain location on maps

4. Entering codes to turn left and right, forwards and backwards on the map

5. Returning to the start of the map  



Here are a few pictures from our sculpture day!


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