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Year 3's Trip to Tesco

Year 3's Trip to Tesco 1
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 2
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 3
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 4
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 5
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 6
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 7
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 8
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 9
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 10
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 11
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 12
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 13
Year 3's Trip to Tesco 14

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion 1
First Holy Communion 2
First Holy Communion 3
First Holy Communion 4
First Holy Communion 5
First Holy Communion 6
First Holy Communion 7
First Holy Communion 8
First Holy Communion 9
First Holy Communion 10
First Holy Communion 11
First Holy Communion 12

Geography Homework Projects

Geography Homework Projects 1
Geography Homework Projects 2
Geography Homework Projects 3
Geography Homework Projects 4
Geography Homework Projects 5
Geography Homework Projects 6
Geography Homework Projects 7
Geography Homework Projects 8
Geography Homework Projects 9
As part of our Learning Project on the Romans, we made some artefacts as a homework task. They are taking pride of place outside the Year 3 classroom and we are very proud of our work! 

Roman Projects........aren't they fantastic?

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk  1
Jack and the Beanstalk  2
Jack and the Beanstalk  3
Jack and the Beanstalk  4

Year three concert

On Thursday 5th March, we visited Chedworth Villa which is a National Trust site in the Cotswolds. It houses some fantastic remains from Roman times. We had a fantastic time being archaeologists and dressing up as Roman slaves!

Year 3's Visit to Chedworth Villa

Welcome to Year Three's class page!


We're glad you've popped by to see what we've been up to!


First of all, here is some information you might find useful!


Homework is set on a Thursday and needs to be handed in on a Tuesday.


We have PE twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  We need to have our kit and take out our earrings!


On Wednesdays we are learning how to play the trumpet!  We have so much fun learning songs to sing, how to hold a trumpet, how to blow into the mouthpiece and much, much more!  We will be allowed to bring home our new friends (Yes the trumpets!) later in the term so prepare yourselves for nightly concerts!!!


Maths Targets:


English Targets:


In Religion we have been learning about how we gather together to celebrate being a part of God's family.  We will soon be preparing for First Holy Communion by learning about the sacrament of Reconciliation.


We love reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in English.  Lots of our writing is based on the story including persuasive letters and setting description.


Our Learning Project is about Britain during the Stone Age to the Iron Age! 





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